Ways of Earning Money Through Affiliate Marketing

There are basically three different ways in which one can earn income through affiliate
marketing. They revolve around the association of a publisher with the product and the

Involved affiliate marketing

This where you promote a product with a lot of authority because you’ve used it and have
enjoyed its benefits. When you post content on your blog, you speak to visitors on the
account of personal experience. This type of affiliate marketing is very effective because
most of the times, consumers find it more convincing. People will be willing to try out
something just because you as an influencer has used it and found it good. It is even more
effective when your blog or social media site has many followers. However this kind of
marketing comes with a lot of responsibility. You should only promote a product that you
are sure will provide some benefits to the consumers. It is very wrong to hype a brand only
for customers to be disappointed. They will hold you responsible and that is how your blog
and whatever else you decide to promote will go down the drain. Honesty is a very
important factor in affiliate marketing if you want to get repeat business and more

Related affiliate marketing

Any serious publisher must identify a niche and focus on it. Within that niche, there will be
products related to the ones that you are promoting. You can have links to such products
on your blog, social media sites, videos or podcasts. Visitors may come to your site because
of the products that you are promoting but they can also find additional products through
these links. You don’t have to have used the product in order to provide a link for it. That is
smart marketing because if a customer decides to click on the link and buy the product,
you’ll still earn your commission without much responsibility. You don’t hype the product
so if it turns out to be substandard, you will not bear much responsibility. This type of
affiliate marketing is good but it will not give you much income since the related products
are not your primary focus. Some visitors to your blog will not even notice the additional
links. It will still not cost you anything to earn a little extra money by having those links
displayed on your site.

Pay per click affiliate marketing

This is ideal for people who do not want to interact with end consumers at any level. In pay
per click affiliate marketing, you have no authority in the product niche that you are
promoting. All you do is ambush internet users with affiliate links via Facebook ads, Twitter
ads and Google Adwords among others in the hope that they’ll click on them and
eventually buy the products. This method of affiliate marketing is more of a gamble
because customers find it a lot more easy to buy products introduced to them by familiar
affiliates. Pay per click may sound easy but it really is not. Some people find success with it and that is okay because at the end of the day you’ll have earned your income.

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