Regular HVAC service is a good thing!

I’m sure of myself and am very confident. I have had fifty years to get accustomed to myself. I can honestly say that I’ve developed some very fine characteristics. I try to be a superb person. I am honest and punctual. I make a really fine strawberry pies. I need to admit, however, that when it involves HVAC maintenance, I don’t know a gosh darn thing. Over the years, I’ve finally come to the realization that I cannot be trusted to schedule necessary service for my furnace or air conditioning. I shamelessly neglect them. I try to avoid the appointment and ignore any problems I have. I rationalize the rising bills, and make empty promises with regards to future maintenance appointments. To conquer this personal weakness, I have enrolled in an HVAC service plan. This takes the obligation out of my careless hands and places it inside care of the professionals. My local HVAC contractor calls me up in the spring and fall to schedule service. I make up excuses, and try very hard to get out of it. The HVAC professional is aware of all my tricks, and insists that i choose a convenient time for maintenance. My only job has been to open the door when the service technician arrives. He manages the cleaning, tightening, and tuning of my furnace and A/C. This individual keeps me informed of almost any problems or concerns. I nod my head a lot, and act like I really know what he’s talking about. I then return to baking my super delicious cupcakes, and enjoy optimum performance coming from my HVAC system.

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