Making sure your pipes are in good shape

I have spent the entirety of this summer at my lake property and while It has been a refreshing few months, I had some problems. We just built a whole new cottage near the lake and I absolutely love spending time there. I wake up each day and usually go for a swim. It wakes me up because it’s usually a bit chilly. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of this cottage because I love being there. It really changes my mood. While I love to live by a large body of water, I had another encounter with water this summer that I wasn’t too excited about. The only bad thing that happened all summer long was a leaky pipe inside my cottage. When I built this cottage, the plumbing was done by a friend of mine. He didn’t have a certain connection tightened enough, so I began experiencing some water damage within my ceiling. I was so upset with my friend jim. I had to rip a huge part of the ceiling out to fix the leaky pipe. water damage is such a bad thing to deal with. I now realize that I should have called a professional plumber to install my new pipes and drains. I probably could have avoided this problem altogether. I decided to have a plumber come check the entire system, just to be sure this did not happen again.