Improve your sleep with air conditioning

As I sleep, I like to have everything a specific way. As a kid, I got used to setting up my pillows in the same way every night before I dozed asleep. Oh yes, I forgot to note that I sleep with at least a dozen pillows on my bed. I don’t know why I enjoy the amount of pillows that to I do. I also really need the sheets and comforter to be in an exact spot to get comfortable. Once all that is established, I like the room to become cooler. This allows my face and possibly my upper body to remain cool while rest of my body is warm within the covers. The only way to ensure my room cool is by having a reliable air conditioner. I like to have it turned to about 68 degrees just as I begin to fall asleep. As the night goes on, I have my thermostat dial back the cooling equipment a bit to a slightly warmer 71 degrees. This was a suggestion from an HVAC technician. He told me that a simple way to save money is to set your thermostat a few degrees closer to the outside temperature during the night while you sleep. I rarely ever notice it. The reason I am and so particular about my sleeping arrangements is I struggled with insomnia for some time. This has caused me to need HVAC equipment in order to maintain my bedroom at a specific temperature; otherwise I will really struggle trying to fall asleep. I hope I never live through a broken air conditioner.

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