Heating and cooling systems

When you live in a small city, word spreads pretty darn rapid. Seeing as I run any hotel, I have to be extra cautious of this. We usually have several  tourists passing through the area or just some people searching for a warm meal and a delicate bed. I aim to please each customer that walks through that entry way. It was really hard to help keep a large group of customers happy this last summer when the HVAC equipment begun to give me some serious issues. Although we live in a tiny town, there is a private university just a couple miles away. We get a bunch of their guests to stay with us for graduation weekend; we even run special prices during this time. I really need my hotel and its air conditioners to be in perfect condition by the time that one weekend arrives. Well, the air conditioners in 11 of the rooms quit on me, all in the same week. In lieu of trying to repair the machines as old as they are, I simply had some of them replaced instead of repaired. I didn’t have the time nor the patience to handle fixing old the heating and cooling equipment. I will be glad I did that because I really believe my guests enjoyed the brand new cooling equipment. I checked our website after that weekend and the majority of the guests left  very positive reviews of our little establishment and several said they would return. That really made me feel awfully good. I just have to be sure that all of the HVAC units in the remaining rooms will be ready to go by the time next year’s graduation is upon us all.

HVAC system check