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There are not many ways to detect if you have radon in your home or not. Sometimes people say they can detect issues by a taste factor or otherwise. However, this is not the case for radon, or even some other house hold gases that you may also encounter in your home. To stay safe, make sure that you find out through a professional if this is an issue or not. Radon is not something that is easily or even able to be detected off of human senses. This definitely presents an issue, though. How are you able to tell if you have radon in your home, and how are you supposed to know if it is at a level that is high enough to need to be remediated by a radon remediation system? Well, unfortunately there is no way to be able to test for this yourself at home, unless you purchase expensive radon testing systems. It is important though, that your home have been tested so that you are aware of the radon levels in your home, and so that you are aware if you need to do anything about it. While radon levels don’t generally change drastically, if your home is right on the border of being on a dangerous level of radon, you might want to consider testing your home every few years, or putting in a system anyway to prevent any issues from arising in the future if anything were to change at all near you.

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