Air conditioning and my retirement plan

I never imagined that my life would be so great. I have a wonderful existence. While it makes me a little sad that both of my children are grown and have moved out, I now have a much different life. For thirty six years, all I did was head to work, take care of the family and then wake up to do it again the next day. I have much more time for other activities.

I like to go surfing, hiking and rock climbing. This can sound a bit strange for just a 47-year old man to claim, but I feel younger now than I did 17 years ago. All of these activities keep me energized and looking forward to each new day.

While I certainly love exploring the outdoors and experiencing new things, there’s always going to be a unique place in my heart that is my home. I love walking in the house after a long day and enjoying my new air conditioner. It is a wonderful piece of cooling equipment and is very energy efficient. Once I begin partaking in these outdoor adventures, I get sick of dealing with my old HVAC unit. It took way too long to cool my house down, especially in the summer. Now, my cooling equipment makes my home feel so relaxing, even after a day of hiking outdoors. I love my HVAC system and will continue to work on it so I have a comfy spot to come home to each evening. Life has never been better for this old guy!

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