Legal cannabis

The issue of legal marijuana is something that’s been a topic in our country for a long time. I really do understand both sides of the argument, However legalizing marijuana makes so much sense to me, both from the political stand point and a cultural standpoint. This country was built on the main principal that the people decide the laws and the how the country is run. I think as the younger generations rise up and the older generations fall from power, you are going to see a great deal of differences in the laws and regulations surrounding cannabis. This is main argument with the cultural side of the argument. Even if a majority on the population does not smoke cannabis, I think it is safe to assume that at the very least 10% of the population will. I think that is a really low estimate too. I’d say that at the least %20 are avid users and another %15 of the population will smoke on occasion and is also not opposed to the legalization. I’ve actually talked to many older adults who did smoke marijuana and still would on occasion if that they still had access to it. However, an individual that is a little older has a much harder time getting a drug dealer. The legalization of marijuana would likely give these citizens similar rights to people who do know drug dealers. I think the dangers as well as un-regulated business of drug dealing could quickly be changed into an organized business that supplied a desired product and in addition gave the government a wonderful kickback in taxes.

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Finding a new golf cart

I just retired two months ago. It was nice not having anything to do. I could just relax and do what I need to. Recently, I have started to get a little bored. I have time and energy during the day to do anything I want. I thought it was the perfect time to start doing something. I started to figure out how to play golf. All of my best friends play golf. They all join tournaments together. I sounded like it would be fun. I decided to purchase my own golf cart. As it happens that it is not as simple as picking one could be. There are many things to contemplate. I could have seating within the front and in the rear of the cart. I could have a windshield, but there are different types of windshields. I could also pick out whether I wanted electric or gas. There were a great number of options. Many of my friends have an electric golf cart. It is best suited for the golf course. I was going to get an electric golf cart but wanted to hear about both of them anyway. Gas golf carts are used for going fast and carrying heavy loads. Electric golf carts are most popular and people use them for just about everything. They are not raucous and drive slower, they should just have the battery charged. The electric golf cart is very simple to own and care for. The one downfall is that I must remember to charge it frequently. I do not need the particular golf cart to die right in the center of a golf game. I don’t like putting gas in my car as it is. this is why I chose the electric cart over the gas cart

Baking heats a house up fast

I like to bake.  It’s sort of strange, because I am always watching my weight.  I try to be very careful what I eat.  I am a vegetarian.  I work out every morning, for an hour, six days a week.  My workouts are quite intense.  I vary between high impact aerobics, weightlifting, and things like squats and leg lifts.  I may go all day and eat little more than a banana, a granola bar, and a nonfat yogurt.  But then I get the urge to bake a sweet treat.  I love experimenting with new cakes, cookies, pies, and sweet breads.  Very often, I search the internet for interesting recipes.  It doesn’t matter the time of day, or time of the year.  When I get a recipe, or just feel like eating cake, I turn on the oven and pull out the mixing bowls.  Before we installed central air in our home, this could be a problem.  During the summer, we would rely on fans and open windows to cool the house.  If I had the oven blasting for an hour or two at 350 degrees, the whole house quickly heated up.  Although everyone loves the smell of baking cookies, there is a limit.  I would try to stick to no-bake desserts, but that’s just not as much fun.  About two years ago, we invested in central air conditioning.  It truly has changed how we enjoy our summers.  I still try not to continually add heat to the house with the oven, but it’s not as big of an issue.  The air conditioner compensates for the extra heat.A:C

heating and cooling

I recently had a road crew working in front of my house.  They started work early every morning, using very loud equipment.  Every time any truck went into reverse, a piercing beep would start up.  The workers also shouted back and forth to one another.  There was absolutely no possibility of anyone in the house getting any sleep.  With road work going on, traffic was backed up.  Trying to get in and out of our driveway required unlimited patience and nascar maneuvers.  To leave for work or run errands was a time-consuming process.  Our cars were constantly filthy.  I would stand at my kitchen windows and watch the dust roll off the street and float across my lawn.  All of my windows were constantly dirty.  The exterior siding of the house was covered in dust.  I noticed the excess dirt and road grit inside the house as well.  It settled on my windowsills and woodwork.  I was constantly dusting, vacuuming, and changing sheets.  I’m sure that my family was also breathing pollutants into their lungs.  For several years, I have been debating over whether or not to invest in a central air system.  Our summer season is not very long, and can often be rainy and cold.  An air conditioning system did not seem necessary.  I have now changed my mind.  If my house was outfitted with a cooling unit, we could keep the windows closed.  This would prevent the majority of the road grit, exhaust fumes, and dust from entering through the screens.  It would also keep out pollen and insects.

HVAC service

HVAC based on your environment

I learned a few things from my grandfather while I was growing up. The first was to always treat everyone with respect. No matter who it was, the person deserved that courtesy when you first meet them. Next was to always have a good air conditioning unit in your house. My grandfather would never leave his chair because it was directly in front of the air conditioning unit. He told me that he would wake up in the morning and run tests on the unit to make sure that it was working properly. He always said that he never had to call a technician because he took such good care of the unit. I did not understand the reasoning behind always having an air conditioning unit handy in your house but I took his word for it. When I got a place of my own I made sure to have a high quality air conditioning unit in my place. Every morning I would run different tests to make sure it was working properly. Although I did have to call my air conditioning provider one time because I was hearing some strange noises coming from the unit. The technician quickly realized that I was low on refrigerant. He refilled my unit and my house was as cool as ever. To this day I have never known why my grandfather insisted on having a great air conditioning unit. Maybe it was because he was so hot all of the time. All I know is that I am grateful to carry on his tradition.

HVAC equipment

Checking my thermostat

I usually love the summer time. The warm weather and hanging out with my family and friends always makes me very happy. Although last summer turned out to be a very exhaustive one. Although i do love the warm weather I really enjoy sitting in my air conditioning to cool off. There is nothing like coming inside after a long day out in the hot sun to cool off. One day I noticed that my house was not as cold as it was supposed to be. I checked my thermostat and saw that the temperature was set correctly. I checked my vents and HVAC unit as well and saw no blockages or could not identify any malfunctions. Despite all of these signs that nothing was wrong I could tell my house was warmer. I decided to call my HVAC provider to see if they could find a problem. After about an hour of running tests on my system, the technician told me that I had a leak in my air duct system. He said he could not tell where it was, but this was why my house was not as cold. He suggested that I have this problem fixed as soon as I could. I called the very next day to have ti fixed. A whole team of technicians needed to come to my house to find the leak, make a hole in my wall, patch up the air duct, and then seal the hole. The entire process took a whole week and cost a lot of time and money.


Features of your cooling system

I just got a job where I work from home. I also moved into a new apartment recently. The apartment is huge and is on the top floor. It is summer and the apartment is very warm. The heat rises all the way up to my apartment. I decided to look into an air conditioning system. Since I work from home I am in my apartment all day. I need a cooling system to be effective. I have a special desk and chair to work in. My laptop is state of the art. I also have all the supplies I need. The last thing I need is a quality HVAC systems. A HVAC system can have many adjustable features. You can control more than just the temperature. While the temperature is important it is not the only crucial thing. Some HVAC systems can control the humidity level. How moist or dry your air is important. Moist air can cause you to sweat and break out. Also bugs and mold are attracted to moist locations. If the air is too dry then your skin will dry out. People with psoriasis and eczema really suffer. It also will give you bloody noses and really dry skin. The humidity needs to be just perfect for your environment. Also the fan speed is important. How quickly do you want your temperature to drop? High velocity air conditioning can drop the temperature in a matter of seconds. Some people like to be gradually cooled. When you buy a HVAC system, look at the adjustable cooling features it offers.cooling

The fair and HVAC systems

I recently took the whole family to the county fair.  What a huge mistake.  It is a start-to-finish horrible experience.  First, the traffic is a nightmare, and there’s nowhere to park.  We had to pay ten dollars to park about a million miles from the fair entrance.  By the time we dragged the kids all the way there, two of them needed a bathroom and one was just miserable.  Then we waited in line for about twenty minutes just to get in.  We quickly began our search for the bathroom.  If there is anything more disgusting than a restroom at the fair, I can’t think of it.  I held my child suspended over the seat and tried not to pass out from the fumes.  I don’t want to contemplate why every surface was wet.  After the bathroom ordeal, we headed toward the rides.  We walked by barns filled with award-winning animals that smelled almost as bad as that bathroom.  We stood in mile-long lines for carnival rides that were overpriced and operated by people who did not appear entirely qualified to protect the safety of my children.  Once my kids were sufficiently nauseous from being spun and turned upside down, we fed them nutritious treats like fried dough and funnel cakes.  By the end of the night, we all were sticky, tired, and grumpy.  We walked our million miles back to our car, inched through traffic, and finally made it home.  It was such a relief to step into my air conditioned house.  My cooling system maintains perfect temperatures, keeps the humidity under control, and filters out the bad smells.   

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My HVAC unit

Adding moisture to indoor air is a key factor in achieving total indoor comfort.  When adequately maintained, humidity offers many proven benefits to your health and well-being.  Installing a whole-home humidifier is a cost-effective option.  Insufficient humidity is most common during the winter heating system.  Low humidity increases the possibility of contracting colds, flu, and other respiratory problems.  Viruses that cause cold and flu flourish in overly dry air.  Dry air worsens symptoms of allergy and asthma.  It leads to bloody noses, dry mouth, itchy eyes, and cracked skin.  It aggravates problems with eczema and psoriasis.  A whole-home humidifier is designed to introduce the perfect amount of moisture into the home.  These units are far superior to portable varieties.  They deliver a much greater amount of moisture and avoid standing water that can lead to bacteria.  Unlike a portable alternative, whole-home humidifiers continually monitor indoor conditions and regulate moisture throughout the house.  Humidifiers work with your furnace, and are installed in the air handler.  A steam humidifier infuses humidity into the air in the form of water vapor.  This prevents minerals from entering the air, protecting air quality.  When humidity is kept within the recommended range, you’re going to feel more comfortable.  You’ll also feel warmer at lower temperatures.  This lets you set the thermostat at a lower setting.  Your furnace won’t need to work as hard, saving money on energy bills and reducing wear and tear on components.  The investment into a whole-home humidifier is a straightforward solution to the problems of overly dry air.

HVAC tune-up 

Choosing your HVAC unit

Waking up in the morning is always a difficult decision. You lie in your bed thinking, well should I get up? Or should I stay in bed? Once you finally get out of bed, then you must decide on at least ten more decisions before you even leave your home. How much coffee do I want to drink? What should I wear? What should I pack for lunch? After you barely make it through the door on time, you then make driving decisions the whole way to work. Like the many decisions you make each day, choosing your HVAC equipment is an important decision to be made. You should do plenty of research on your own prior to even contacting an HVAC business. You want to take your time with this decision. Do you want an electric, oil, or gas heater? Maybe you want a heat pump or boiler. That decision needs to be made on the size of your home, and also on cost. Although you obviously need to find HVAC equipment that you can afford, don’t just purchase the cheapest equipment you can find. Consulting with an HVAC specialist can help you make the best decision. They can take measurements of your home and decide what size system you will need to obtain efficient heating and cooling. They can also provide you with insight from what other homes in your area are using for equipment. Choosing a correct size HVAC system can bring you reliable heating or cooling for up to ten years, so long as you maintain the equipment.